Our Mission

Changing lives.....Strengthening families.....Saving babies

Our Vision

The Tri-County Pregnancy Resource Center’s vision
is to be a pro-life voice of biblical believers working together
to create a culture of strong families.

Our Core Values

  1. In the Holy Bible as God's absolute, life-changing truth.</li
  2. In sharing the love and compassion of Jesus Christ in word and deed to families and individuals in need.
  3. In the sanctity and dignity of all human life.
  4. That unborn babies are people deserving of human dignity.
  5. In developing and maintaining integrity within the community, with our partners and with our clients.
  6. In providing our clients with quality educational opportunities.
  7. In helping clients make choices that support life.
  8. That the Holy Spirit enables us to fully execute the vision, mission, core values, and strategic plan for our ministry.

Mailing Address

315 S. Madison Ave.
P.O. Box 107
Aurora, MO 65605